Bridging the gaps for coordinated care by enhancing access to critical services. 



Bridging the gaps for coordinated care by enhancing access to critical services.

KemeticHlth LLC is a minority-owned care coordination company dedicated to improving health disparities and health outcomes of at-risk and disadvantaged community members.

At KemeticHlth, we take pride in a care coordination program that focuses on providing member-specific and focused care. Complete Care focuses on all facets that impact a client-member’s well-being, including chronic illness, disabilities, and social determinants of health.

Complete Care meets the client-member where they live (in-person and/or virtually) and serves as the liaison between insurance companies, healthcare providers, and community resources to ensure the holistic needs of each client-member are met. CCMP understands that a fragmented approach to client-members’ health needs does not allow for the best level of care. A holistic approach allows for a comprehensive insight into the needs of each client-member.

CCMP is dedicated to reducing fragmentation of care and services, reducing ER utilization, reducing hospitalization rates, increasing options for care, increasing client-member choice and program flexibility, improving access to care and services, and promoting the client-member’s overall well-being. To accomplish this, CCMP utilizes data tools such as assessments, claims, and utilization data to determine where gaps in care exist and works with both community and health plan partners to address care gaps and social determinants of health.

Our MISSION is to remove the barriers that connect members in the community to the system of care they require by being the community connectors that can reach the hardest to reach members.

Our VISION is to leverage our CORE VALUES and become a catalyst that ultimately improves the health and quality of life of the members in the community.


Empath’s to the Nth degree. We live our client-members lives.


Unceasing efforts until all client-members have proper access.


Always available. Always learning. Always responsive.


Every action is aimed at improving population health.

Promoting Health Equity

It is instrumental to uplift the opportunity for every individual to access and receive the same standard of care. As an independently owned and operated small minority business, KemeticHlth understands first-hand the systematic and structural racism that exists in the experience of healthcare in our communities. We will continue to advocate and promote quality health care standards and focus on closing care gaps for the Clients and communities we serve.  We are committed to the practices and principles of health equity; it is ingrained in every facet of our organization and what we do.


New processes and procedures that promote inclusive and excellent care by:

  • Developing a diverse workforce that is compassionate and respectful of the communities we serve, while being intentional about providing inclusive and excellent care coordination services.
  • Ensuring 51% or more of our staff reflect the communities we serve.
  • Hiring staff that is culturally informed, tech savvy and community focused.
  • Providing leadership/professional development and mentorship assistance for under-represented staff.
  • Providing leadership and staff trainings that consciencely focus on creating processes and services that address health inequities by ensuring our staff’s daily activities and duties include going above and beyond to locate, engage, and assist our clients with their indicated health and social needs.
  • Investing in local minority entrepreneurs and organizations that are breaking down social and economic barriers whose strategy is wholistically centered around health equity.


Lives and experiences of our clients and the community by being culturally aware, as we are committed to:

  • Promoting a culturally respectful and linguistically aligned environment.
  • Enhancing education, protocols, and systems to support inclusive affirming care.
  • Meeting clients where they are, and how they want to be reached.
  • Fostering equitable client experiences through assessments and collaborative interventions.
  • Being actively engaged in the communities we serve.
  • Connecting clients with resources that meet social needs, such as safe and affordable housing, availability of healthy foods and behavioral health services.


In the community through education, service and advocacy, as we:

  • Optimize community partnerships to promote equitable health and well-being.
  • Coordinate and expand workforce diversity exposure and pipeline programs.
  • Promote education on health equity strategies through published articles, social media posts and sponsored and partnered community events and conferences.


Our Leadership Team is comprised of professionals with over 80 years combined experience.

Dr. Joseph West


TaMyra King-Carter, BSN, RN

Sr. Manager, VBC & Transformation Programs


CCMP provides high-intensity, innovatively-driven, and community-based care coordination and management services for managed care organizations and health systems for at-risk client-members.






Make Movements In Building Equitable Health

Engage KemeticHlth and begin establishing relational pathways to at-risk and hard-to-reach members.

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